For Savers

On our platform, you pick the country, bank and the type of deposit you would like to apply for. We thoroughly analyze the markets and do the due diligence of banks before making their offers visible to you. Furthermore, we are diligently reviewing the performance and sustainability of those on ongoing bases to amplify your saving account security, and leave no room for compliance or business risks. Additionally, your deposits are fully guaranteed by the government, even if you are a non-resident, per bank account up to a certain level. Hence, you may diversify your savings into different countries and banks to get absolutely riskless high yields.

Just follow these three easy steps:


  • We charge no fees from our depositors and guarantee that there are no additional hidden fees connected to your investment!

  • The money will be sent to your deposit account through a SWIFT system, so you will encounter a money transfer fee. For $10,000 transfer it will be around 0,3%-0,5%.

  • If your country of citizenship does not have a double taxation agreement with the country you deposit in, at the end of the term you will be double taxed. In case of such an agreement, you will be taxed only once in your preferred country.

We charge the banks commission on the deal volume to maintain Haylend operations and create grounds for scale and service enhancement.

For Partner Banks

Access to foreign huge retail

We are offering the banks and other depository institutions a new distribution channel and direct access to foreign huge retail. As a result, your bank has high liquidity, ability to finance and implement new projects and increase the shareholder value

Our Advantages

  • Direct access to the only worldwide deposit marketplace

  • No need for additional foreign compliance and licensing

  • Cheap, easy and quick integration into our platform

  • No hassles, no third party intermediation

  • An innovative tool as a source of new clients and a promising revenue source

  • Full control over all the components of your bank offers to our depositors

  • Outsourced KYC and AML/CFT compliance to an international outstanding provider

For Distributor Banks

Third party deposits as a new distribution channel

  • Appealing offer for your clients in your product list

  • New revenue source and distribution channel

  • Strategic partnership with foreign banks

  • Innovative tool for a competitive advantage