For Savers

Deposit through Haylend and earn top yields

Haylend is a cross-border deposit marketplace that enables investors from high-income countries to deposit their savings to carefully selected and fully regulated markets directly and get higher returns with marginal risks. Through Haylend platform, you register, select the bank and the terms of deposit you prefer, pass a verification process, and transfer the money from your bank account directly.

For savers

Risk Mitigation

The logic of finance assumes that high returns are directly connected to higher risks. Investing your money in another country or region without primary research may sound even riskier. Having the security of your investments as our top priority, Haylend team is not conceding on the risk mitigation policies. We thoroughly analyze the markets and do the due diligence of banks before partnering them and making their offers visible to you. The country analysis include but are not limited to the country international rating, political and economic sustainability, the stability of financial and banking system, taxation, investor protection schemes and internal control systems exposed by the government, etc.

After deciding on the country, we do a due diligence and observation of the banks and select those with sustainable revenues, enhanced customer service, financial performance and sustainability, liquidity, as well as reputation, integrity and good faith of the management and shareholder board, and so on. The results are being reviewed on ongoing basis to amplify your saving account security, and leave no room for compliance or business risks.

Additionally, your deposits are fully guaranteed by the government, even if you are a non-resident, per bank account up to a certain level. Through Haylend you can diversify among countries and banks, and later into new products for diversifying your portfolios at best. Last, but not the least, all the flows and transactions will be transparent, without any middleman or vague flow between you and the bank.

Opening a foreign deposit account has never been so easy!

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Sign up

For registering, fill in the registration form. Later, when applying for a deposit, you will be asked to upload your ID, and fill in the verification form and your bank account. It will take you 5-10 mins max.


From the offers select the bank and the terms of the deposit you want. After, you will be asked to confirm your information and deposit terms, agree with the Terms & Conditions of the bank, and your contract is ready.

Money transfer

You will receive your deposit account details to transfer the money from your account to the newly opened deposit account. You will receive the principal with interest earned on the same account you made the transfer from.


  • check We charge no fees from our depositors and guarantee that there are no additional hidden fees connected to your investment!
  • check The money will be sent to your deposit account through a SWIFT system, so you will encounter a money transfer fee. For $10,000 transfer it will be around 0,3%-0,5%.
  • check If your country of citizenship does not have a double taxation agreement with the country you deposit in, at the end of the term you will be double taxed. In case of such an agreement, you will be taxed only once in your preferred country.