Haylend is a cross-border deposit marketplace that enables investors from high-income countries to deposit their savings to carefully selected and fully regulated markets directly and get higher returns with marginal risks.

Our mission is to connect the financial world for better investment opportunities and execute direct access to foreign capital.

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About Us

The Big Idea.

“There is at least $50 billion of interest that could be earned if depositors switched their current saving accounts to a
bank with better rates”.

In emerging and frontier markets, where the GDP growth rates record two digit numbers and economies are booming at a fast pace, the deposit interest rates are higher than 4% for USD accounts. The high yields are not directly connected to country rating, but the shrinked local market and limited access to international finance. Unlike, in high-income countries, the bank deposit and CD rates are stagnated around less than 1%, which does not even cover the service fees, let alone inflation. Simply, saving accounts are eating out your money.

If you are not keeping pace with inflation, you are losing buying power; over time, that’s just as damaging as a loss of principal.Moreover, this scenario creates an inefficient circulation of money and results in a decline in overall economic activity. Current investment opportunities are either low return or very risky. For trading you need deep knowledge in finance and full-time dedication, online platforms are limited to country or region and show a declining trend of returns, p2p lending platforms and crypto investments are super risky, etc. A solution would be to bridge high-income and low-income financial markets for win-win opportunities.

Our Core Values

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Reliability is the foundation of what we do. All our decisions and communication are based on building trust among our clients and partners. Haylend will incessantly add new features, products, and new services, conduct deep research and analysis for amplifying the security measurements of all the processes and risk mitigation of investments.

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Constant enhancement of the customer service and products is what we aim for. We ac knowledge that the easy-of use, quality service and more diversification opportunities are a must for retaining our customers and growing into more markets. Haylend strives to become the most convenient one stop shop for low risk cross-border investment opportunities.

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What we are offering to both the depositors and banks sounds simple, but is a long and painful process for the founding team to realize. On daily bases the team is overcoming various challenges, are we are committed to realizing the efficient flow of money with patience, consistency and sincerity.

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